'Journos uneducated, characterless'

'Smoking minister' Mohsin blasts media again
Our Correspondent, Sylhet

    Photo- Tanmoy/Dhaka Tribune

Social Welfare Minister Syed Mohsin Ali, widely known as "smoking minister" since his controversial act in last Januray, has once again blasted the media.

On Saturday he called journalists "Khobish," a Bangla slang, which roughly means disgusting and dirty.

Showing attacking gesture, the minister said journalists were “uneducated, non-graduate and also characterless.”

The minister came up with the wrath while addressing a discussion programme at Sylhet Municipality auditorium on Saturday afternoon.

The journalists, who were present during the programme, boycotted it immediately after his speech. They also condemned the derogatory remarks by the minister.

Minister Mohsin Ali, MP of Moulavibazar-3 constituency, triggered huge criticism by smoking on stage in a reception for school students on January 27. Later he apologised on social media for smoking on stage.

The minister drew huge criticism over his recent comment on media coverage of Narayanganj seven-murder incident.

He said: “The media, particularly the private television channels, have been exaggerating the negative aspects.”

“Electronic media houses have been broadcasting the Narayanganj seven murders report to create unrest across the country. You saw that hundreds of people died at the Twin Tower incident in the US, but they aired it only for a few seconds,” he added.

On Saturday Minister Mohosin initiated derogatory remarks on journalists from the very beginning of his 40-minute speech.

He also shouted on journalists and roughly asked them t to remove their cameras and microphones from in front the discussion table.

Addressing journalists, he said: "Go away from here. I am not here to see your [journalists'] faces."

He said: “None of them [journalists] have studied journalism. My daughter studied the subject and completed her post graduation. But, other journalists just obtain academic degrees by only foot-stepping in college premises.”

Criticising a national daily, the minister said: “It published fabricated news on my statement as I supported a better syllabus for the Madrasa students.”

Calling journalists stupid, the angry minister said: “All are filthy corrupted and stupid also, they should know that my in-law’s house is in Sylhet and I can detonate them all by giving just an order to the people of the district.”

"I will see how much you can do after the formation of independent commission for the national broadcast policy," Mohsin threatened journalists.

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