Farmers incur losses as aman prices fall
Our Correspondent, Tangail

Despite bumper yield of aman paddy, the farmers of the district are counting losses as they have to sell their produces to manage expenditure of livelihood.

Sources said the selling rate of paddy was between Tk550 and Tk650 per maund in the market though production cost incurred by farmers was within Tk500 to Tk600.

Farmers who got lease of lands are the worst affected, according to available information from grassroots level.

Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) confirmed that against fixed-production target of 22.04 lakh tonnes of Transplanted Aman in 89,774 hectares land, production target has been achieved only in 1.66 lakh hectares of land.

Out of this, hybrid in 47 hectares, ufshi in 83,117 hectares and local variety in 17,499 hectares have been achieved.

On the other hand, 32,037 hectares of land have been brought under aman cultivation with a production target of 38,112 tonnes, and out of this the target was achieved in 31,676 hectares of land.

According to local sources, 50 percent crop cutting has been completed. But, the source maintained that in different areas of the district BRRI paddy 62, 49, 51, 52, 41, 40, 39, 33, 34, 29, 30, 22, BINA 7, BR 11 and Pazam varieties are cultivated. Besides, farmers also cultivate local varieties like Patjag, Aloa, Kalijira, Nazirshail etc. In addition to that, hybrid varieties are also cultivated by local farmers.

While visited, it was seen that the farmers of Enayetpur, Boilla, Gala, Magurata and Sadullahpur areas were cutting crops.

The farmers, highlighting their hard labour, said despite bumper harvest, the price of paddy is not at satisfactory level in comparison with mounting market price of other commodities.

They will have to incur heavy losses, the farmers expressed with pensive mood.

Nool Jamal, a farmer of Shakhipur, informed he cultivated the paddy on four acres of land at a cost of Tk600.

Abir Hossain of Sadullahpur said he cultivated 36 percent of land where harvesting was satisfactory, but low price of paddy has mounted his concern.

Deputy Director (DD) of DAE Abul Hasim, detailing all-out support extended by the department, expressed that there was good harvest of paddy.

From next year there will be increased supply of Bina Sar followed by increased cultivation of BRRI 62, he assured.

Explaining the reason he informed these category of paddy contains zinc. In every upazila, seeds of this particular variety have been collected for farming in 40 acres of land. Following the collection of seeds, the cultivation of these two varieties of paddy will be expanded in the district.

Clearing the methodology, DD said harvesting of Bina Sar and 62 Sar can be completed within 100 days. The early harvesting facilitates the farmers with cultivation of mustard, wheat, popcorn and vegetables. 

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