Boro growers being cheated in weigh of fertiliser
Our Correspondent, Dinajpur

Farmers who are now involved in Boro cultivation in Dinajpur are very much disappointed since they being cheated in measurement of fertiliser by dealers.

They also alleged that a large quantity of sub-standard fertiliser was being supplied to them from the godown of the Bangladesh Chemical Industries Corporation, no measure has been taken yet by the authorities concerned.

Local sources said it was Irri-Boro season and farmers badly needed Urea fertiliser to continue their cultivation process, but they had to spend extra money while buying the agri-input as dealers were supplying less quantity of fertiliser in each sack.

Dealers told the Dhaka Tribune that the government had fixed price for per sack of fertiliser containing 50 kilograms at Tk770-800.

But farmers said they had to buy per sack fertiliser at Tk850. Moreover, dealers were giving two to there kilograms less fertiliser in per sack of the input.

Delwar Hossain, a farmer of Ramchandrapur village under Kaharol village, said: “We have been getting two to three kilograms less fertiliser in each sack of fertiliser for the last seven months.”

Selim Reza, a farmer of Boltoir village under Dinajpur Sadar upazila, said: “When we buy fertiliser in sack we get less agri input, but when we buy ferliser regarding kilogram we have to give extra prices. We have to count losses everywhere.”

Retailers are saying that they got less quantity of fertiliser in each sack of fertiliser from dealers’ end. As they get fewer quantity of the agri input they have to sell those at higer price to recoup loss.

Rajjob Ali, a retailer, said: “It is not our fault, we are also being cheated by dealers. But farmers are blaming us for cheating in weigh.”

Monowar Hossain, an agent of dealers, said there was no question of cheating in measurement.

According to Dinajpur Bangladesh Chemical Industries Corporation, it had already supplied over 37,000 tonnes of fertiliser among dealers in the current fiscal. The BCIC supplies 4,100 tonnes fertiliser every month to dealers of the district.

Sources at BCIC office in Dinajpur, a section of officials with collaboration of local agents sometimes directly sell fertilisers to dealers instead of storing those in godown of BCIC after those come from fertiliser factory.

Consequently, old fertiliser are remained stocked at warehouse year after year.

Abdul Sattar, vice-president of Dinajpur Fertiliser Association, told the Dhaka Tribune that they were interested to buy newly produced fertiliser as fertliers which had been kept at BCIC godown were sub-standard.

Masud Rana, a storekeeper of BCIC, said they provided fertiliser to dealers with accurate measurement. Dealers yet to complain them about the matter. 

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