Boro field drowned by toxic waste of ACI
Khondaker Md Abdur Rouf, Naogaon

  • A farmer is working in his paddy field which was flooded by toxic water discharged by a rice factory of ACI Foods Limited. The photo was taken in Mohadevpur upazila of Naogoan yesterday 

Boro paddy, on around nine hectares of land situated beside Naogaon-Mohadevpur regional highway in Mohadevpur upazila of the Naogaon district, has been drowned by untreated poisonous water discharged by ACI Foods Limited.

Several farmers in the upazila alleged that their paddy went under water suddenly, as the rice unit of ACI Foods Limited had discharged untreated toxic water in a canal in the Saraswati area near Naogaon-Mohadevpur regional highway a few days ago.

Several hundred hectares of paddy land is also at risk of being flooded by the water, they claimed.

Local farmers Abdus Samad, Aslam Ali, Abu Bakar Siddique, Hasen Ali, Amjad Ali and others said the canal on Naogaon-Mohadevpur regional highway overflowed and flooded several areas in the upazila. Boro paddy is getting damaged as the water entered the paddy field and the low-lying areas. The poisonous water has remained stagnant in the canals, covers and paddy lands for days.

Farmer Aslam Ali said: “The canals in the area were overflowed by the poisonous water. Hundred hectares of paddy land were still at great risk of flooding as the ACI Food Factory continued discharging poisonous water in the canal.”

To save their paddy land from the water, local farmers have sent a written complaint to the Upazila Nirbahi Officer’s office and the Bogra Environmental Department office.

When contacted, Rezaul Karim, admin officer of ACI Food Factory, however said: “We run the factory after having taken an environ-
ment certificate from the Environmental Department and the discharged water was clean and fully treated.” 

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