Supplementary Programmes
Arts & Culture

    Photo- VAST Bhutan
  • Work in Progress 
    Photo- Sarker Protik

VAST Bhutan
VAST Bhutan, a children’s NGO in Bhutan, will bring the the pressing issue of climate change to the attention of the youth by holding a workshop on the last two days of the Summit. On Sunday and Monday, the NGO will work with Dhaka’s youth to make an immersive installation from waste products. They will place a specific focus on aquatic life and fish, a dietary staple of the country as well as a central element in the Bengali identity.

Asia Art Archive
An ongoing project that maps the rich history of 20th century art writing across the different languages of South Asia. It will host its first Live Feed Station on-site as DAS, where visitors can find a host of publications, art magazines, books, and catalogues.

Critical Writing Ensemble
Bringing together peers from South Asia and across the globe to share writing histories and knowledge with each other, experiment together, and produce new critical impulses regarding art writing. CWE will conduct 4 sessions from February 3-8. 

Safina Radio Project
Bringing together the discussions of belonging and home, the Safina Radio Project will broadcast conversations and performance pieces created with the artists, writers and curators of the Dhaka Art Summit for the duration of the summit, documenting their experiences in the city. Check out their booth on the third floor, or tune in at

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