PM’s collection of essays to be unveiled in book fair Wednesday
Tribune Online Report

Another book by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will hit this year's Amar Ekushey Book Fair commencing at the Bangla Academy in Dhaka tomorrow.


The book comprises Sheikh Hasina's 13 articles published at different times on contemporary politics in Bangladesh.

The book, titled “Nirbachito Probondho” (Selected Essays) will be available at pavilion no 13 since the first day of the month-long book fair.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will formally inaugurate the book fair at a function on the premises of Bangla Academy at 3 pm tomorrow.

Published by Agami Prokashani, “Nirbachito Probondho” is priced at Tk350. The cover has been designed by Anwar Faruque.

Emeritus Professor Rafiqul Islam has written in the book's introduction: "As a writer, Sheikh Hasina is mainly an essayist. In particular, she is a political narrator. Her ”Nirbachito Probondho” carries the thoughts, mentality and attitudes of Bangladesh's most important political personality. For this reason, the book is profoundly important."

The first article of the book is “Bangladeshe Sairatantrer Jonmo” (Birth of Autocracy in Bangladesh), written in 1993. The article describes a politician's first exposure to the emergence and flourishing of autocracy in Bangladesh.

“Shikkhito Jonoshokti Arthonoitik Unnayaner Purboshorto” (Educated Manpower as the Precondition of Economic Development), she identifies various problems in Bangladesh's education system.

“Shobar Upore Manush Satya” (Humanity Above All) comments on the state of humanity in countries in the post-World War II era despite the UN Declaration on Human Rights in 1948.

The article “Bhalobashi Matribhasha” (I Love My Mother Tongue) was written to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Language Movement. “Biponno Manobota” (Endangered Humanity) was published in 2002. She wrote “Smriti Boro Modhur, Smriti Boro Koshter” (Bittersweet Memories) in 1998 at her father’s house in Dhanmondi while “Shongrame Andolone Gourab Gathaye” (In Struggle, In Movement, In Glory) was written in 2001 on the Bangladeshi movement for independence.

“Brihot Jonogoshthir Unnayan” (development of large population), “Sohena Manobotar Obomanona” (The Unbearable Disgrace of Humanity), “Please, Shada ke Shada, Kalo ke Kalo Bolun” (Please, Call a Spade a Spade) and “Ekti Sworoniyo Obhigyota” (A Memorable Experience).

The book also accommodates her article “Onarjito Roye Gechhe Swapno Purano” (Old Dreams Lie Unfulfilled), which was written on August 14 in 1991.

The last chapter is “Satyer Joy” (The Victory of Truth). The writer wrote it in 2005 on a high court verdict. According to Prof Rafiqul Islam, this article reveals Sheikh Hasina's profound respect and loyalty towards the rule of law.

Agami Prokashani earlier published 13 collections of articles by Sheikh Hasina. Those include “Sheikh Mujib Amar Pita” (My Father Sheikh Mujib) and “Shadakalo” (Black and White).

Agami Prokashani Proprietor Osman Gani told the BSS that the fifth edition of “Sheikh Mujib Amar Pita” will be available at Ekushey Book Fair this year.

In addition, her books “Living in Tears,” “People and Democracy,” “Democracy, Poverty Alleviation and Peace” and “Democracy in Distress Demands Humanity” have been reprinted.

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