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Cheleder Meyeder Snaner Shobhdo

Cheleder Meyeder Snaner Shobhdo is Zafar Ahmed Rashed’s fourth collection of poems. Published by Kathaprakash, the slim collection     offers a total of 37 poems.


The book demonstrates Rashed’s growth as a poet. While the emotions are as powerful as before, the language is more controlled and the cadence more mature. 

Rashed, known to readers for his fluidity of language, is at his best when capturing his emotions of love and childhood. While his prose poems are commendable, his love poems will strike a chord with many readers. 

This collection is an excellent read not only for connoisseurs of literature, but also for aspiring writers and poets. 

Rashed obtained his honours and master’s in Bangla literature from  Chittagong University. 


Bodhone Bishorjon

Bodhone Bishorjon, a collection of poems by Bikash Majumder, has been published by Alokbortika. Revolving around love, loss, life, and faith, the poems deal with a vast array of subjects, often transforming simple aspects of everyday life into something profound. 

This is the first collection of the young poet. His poetic persona often reflects on his indifference to his chaotic surroundings and also on how people have become so self-absorbed that they fail to empathize with others.  

Additionally, there are allusions to mythology, references to issues such as minority repression. 

Bikash Majumder studied marketing at Dhaka University and works in a multinational company.


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