Bangladeshi victims of Greece shooting get extension
Sheikh Shahariar Zaman

They can stay and work in Greece for one more year

  • Bangladeshi workers injured in Greece shooting 
    Photo- AFP

Thirty-five Bangladeshis who fell victims to the shooting at a strawberry farm in Nea Manolada, southern Greece in April this year, got permission to stay and continue working there for one more year.

“I handed over the legal documents to the workers on Saturday,” Golam Mohammad, Ambassador of Bangladesh to the Hellenic Republic of Greece told the Dhaka Tribune over telephone.

They could stay and work here for one more year and currently they are engaged in work at different places, he added.

The shooting took place in Nea Manolada when a supervisor of a strawberry firm opened fire on workers after they asked their employer to pay their outstanding salaries.

”After the incident, I applied to government for the legalisation of their stay here and I was certain that the issue would be handled with positively,” he said. The workers now can bargain for their salaries and would have a decent pay, he hoped. The owner of the firm and the supervisor were arrested in the cases filed against them.

Eighteen Bangladeshi workers were injured and hospitalized after the incident, that made their stay uncertain in Greece. Nea Manolada, about 260km west of the capital Athens, is an area where thousands of migrant workers are employed.

It has previously been in the spotlight over exploitation of migrants.

Since 2008, the Greek media has covered the low wages, poor living conditions and mistreatment of strawberry pickers in Manolada. 

A social media campaign named Blood Strawberries has been launched to boycott fruits imported from Nea Manolada, following the incident.

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