Manjur Alam Beg's relatives assaulted at Dhaka University
Arif Ahmed

Investigation is underway in this regard, says duty officer of Shahbagh police dtation

Unidentified miscreants have attacked and mercilessly beat up the son and granddaughters of Ekushey Padak winner photojournalist Manjur Alam Beg at Dhaka University campus on Wednesday.

In the attack, Manjur Alam Beg's son Imtiaz Alam Beg and his two nieces Saba Ahmed and Rubaiya Ahmed sustained injuries. Imtiaz is a renowned photographer and the principal of Begart Institute of Photography and his niece Saba Ahmed was a former student of IBA, DU.

Imtiaz Alam told the Dhaka Tribune: “Me along with my two nieces went out for a rickshaw tour. We stopped by the pond near Shahidullah Hall around 4:30pm. Suddenly, four unidentified youths came and asked us about our identities.”

“But, before hearing anything, they started beating us. They also tried to harass my nieces sexually. Later, the locals rescued us and took to Dhaka Medical College Hospital. However, the miscreants managed to flee the scene immediately.”

Later, the victims have filed a case with Shahbagh police station in this connection, accusing four unnamed persons.

Jafar Ali, duty officer of Shahbagh police station, said: “Some miscreants beat up three visitors, while they were sitting near a pond adjacent to Shahidullah Hall around 4:30pm, leaving Imtiaz and Saba injured.”

“Investigation is underway in this regard.”

Rubaiya Ahmed later posted a status on her Facebook wall over the incident on Thursday.

She wrote: "At around 4 PM yesterday, Saba, Imtiaz and I were sitting by the pond at Curzon Hall following our rickshaw ride around the campus. 4 young men approached us and asked Imtiaz if we were students of the University. He said no."

"They then asked if this looked like a “hangout” spot. Before he or we could answer, one guy threw a punch at Imtiaz and then all 4 started beating him mercilessly. Saba and I jumped to save him, but then they ganged up on my sister, threw her to the ground and started kicking her."

"4 men were kicking my baby sister infront of me. There were other students and visitors at the location, watching. We were screaming for help, but no one came forward. Imtiaz’s face was covered with blood. My sister was on the ground with her kamiz torn. What could not have been more than 3-4 minutes, felt like an eternity," she added.

Rubaiya further said they would meet the VC of Dhaka University and would do everything that the legal system requires them to do.

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