Dhaka Lit Fest security to set new standard
Khan N Moushumi , Kamrul Hasan

It’s show-time. This year’s Dhaka Lit Fest (DLF) is set to kick-off in 24 hours at the Bangla Academy.

The three day-long event will start tomorrow at 10am at the Bangla Academy, with renowned speakers from home and abroad gracing the stage to engage in fascinating discussions on literature, history, philosophy, and more.

Given the security situation in the country as a whole, naturally the question arises as to the security measures being taken at
the DLF.

Mindful of the public’s concerns and their responsibility to the attendees, who are expected to number in the thousands, the organisers have spared no expense in ensuring that the security for the event is absolutely top of the line, according to Kazi Anis Ahmed, one of the festival directors.

In the past, it has been only the cricket matches in our country, such as the ones organised by ICC, that have always incorporated these kinds of robust security measures, Ahmed explained.

Ahmed told the Dhaka Tribune that the security procedures at this year’s festival set a new standard for the security provided for cultural events, far in excess of anything seen before in Bangladesh.

This statement was echoed by Abu Bakar Siddique, OC of Shahbagh police station, under whose jurisdiction the event is

The organisers have been relentlessly working hard to ensure the safety of the participants and the attendees at the DLF, combining top level private security arrangements with official protection provided by law enforcement to create water-tight security for the event.

To this end, the organisers have conducted regular security coordination meetings, including top experts from the relevant ministries, the DMP, and the intelligence bureaus to plan out every detail of the safety measures and procedures.

The roads and entrances leading to the venue will be safe-guarded by police check posts.

During the event, the main road adjoining the venue (TSC to Doyel Chottor) will be closed and no vehicles will be allowed to enter this area. Special vehicles authorised by the organisers will be available for attendees to use.

While the event is free for all, this year, registration, which can be done via the DLF website: dhakalitfest.com, is mandatory as an additional safety precaution.

Attendees are required to register in order to enter the festival. For those who do not register ahead of time, there will be registration booths at the entrance, but registration is mandatory.

The OC told the Dhaka Tribune that this year security measures at the Dhaka Lit Fest have been made a top-most priority by the organisers, the DMP, as well as the Ministry of Cultural Affairs, which is partnering with the DLF for the first time this year.

He informed that his team has made all arrangements for full safety measures to be taken before, during and after the event. In addition, Dhaka University is also providing assistance to strengthen and ensure safety at the festival.

The police will be escorting all the foreign delegates who will speak at the event from the airport to the hotel, to the venue, and back to the airport.

In addition, to the heavy police presence and patrols, body scanners and metal detector screening will be mandatory at the venue, as an added precaution.

The OC also clarified that the Bangla Academy and its surrounding area will be under the vigilance of CCTV cameras at all times. 

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