Two ISPs lose spectrum for not paying dues in time
Ishtiaq Husain

Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) has cancelled allotted spectrum of two Internet Service Providers (ISP) for not paying their dues in time.

The telecom regulatory body decided to void the allotted spectrum of the two companies-Global Access Limited and Ektoo Limited at a meeting held recently. 

Although the two companies didn’t pay their dues for long time, the commission is not going to take any legal action against them for not paying their dues.  

According to an official of BTRC, Global Access Limited, a nationwide Internet Service Provider (ISP) got the licences from the commission for operating internet services in 2008.

The telecom watchdog also allotted 3400-3407/3500-3507 Mhz spectrums in 3.5 Ghz band in favour of the Global Access.

Despite the commission sent several letters to Global Access Limited to know about the allocated spectrum, the company did not pay any heed to the BTRC’s letter. 

As per precondition of spectrum allocation, there is a mandatory obligation for the companies to pay levy. But Global Access Limited didn’t pay any dues since 2010 till now.

BTRC sources said Ektoo Limited, another nationwide Internet Service Provider (ISP) got 5290-5305 Mhz spectrum in 5.2 band in 2010. But it also refrained from paying any dues since 2012.       

Though its mandatory to pay levy for allocating spectrum, the company also didn’t pay any charges for the last three years. 

After expiring the licence tenure, both Ektoo and Global companies didn’t even apply to the regulatory body for licence renewal. Considering all the aspects, the commission finally cancelled the allotted spectrum of both the two companies.  

BTRC at the same meeting also cancelled the frequency allocation of SR Shipping Limited and Brave Royal Shipping Limited. SR Shipping Limited, however, applied to the regulatory body for cancelling their allotted call sign and frequency. 

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