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Sabrina Fatma Ahmad

4 reasons why an early start can boost productivity


One side effect of Netflix finallybeing made available in Bangladesh is the rise in the number of night owls burning the midnight oil, feeding their entertainment FOMO. You'll also find plenty of articles telling you that your late-night habits pretty much guarantee that you're a misunderstood genius. And yet, in any list about the habits of productive people, one of the first things they'll tell you is that an early morning is the key. Let's take a closer look at why, and how:

Beat the line

You know why the early bird gets the worm? Because he beats the rush hour traffic, and the queues at the bank, and the crowd at the café. If you can get yourself out the house before everyone else, you will definitely start feeling the early-bird benefits and get a lot more done.


In this age of information overload, starting the day by decluttering your mind will help you plan and strategise better. And you get more time to do it properly if you're up early. In fact, you can pop in some of your favourite music, get a diffuser to give you some of that aromatherapy lovin' and enjoy that cup of chaa at a relaxed pace, before the day gets mad busy. Taking some time to meditate and hit the zone will definitely give you the positive energy to take the day by the horns.

Work it out

Studies have shown time and time again that getting your workout in the morning, will boost the metabolism, and get your engine running. Take care of that temple that is your body, and it will take you places.

Munch away

If you can resist the temptation to hit Snooze on the alarm clock, you get more time to get a decent energy, which gives you the fuel to tackle all the projects you have to get done in the day. A good breakfast should also keep you from snack attacks till lunch, and go a long way towards helping you with your weight loss goal, but more on that later.

So resist the temptation to binge on TV or an FB Stalkathon and hit the sack. Rise early, and the day will shine for you.

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Sabrina Fatma Ahmad

Sabrina Fatma Ahmad is Features Editor, Dhaka Tribune.