Tuning in
Rad Sharar Bin Kamal

Catrima Gabrielle has a unique ability and profession, one which may be considered to be a blessing as well as a curse. By vocation, she is an experienced psychic reader and intuitive therapist. One of the rarest trades of the entrepreneurial industry, her gift is as mystical as it is practical, as she shall explain herself.


Catrima Gabrielle
To be precise, I am a diploma holder in Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy (DHP) and Complete Mind Therapy (DCMT), Master Practitioner of NLP, rapid phobia removal therapist, pain consultant and a qualified reconnective therapist.

With my telepathic, psychic and remote viewing abilities, I have also helped couples in crisis through relationship building, people with debilitating addictions and have coached those going through both professional and personal changes in their lives, bringing about changes to individuals who had given up all hope of leading normal everyday lives.

I’m also a passionate animal lover and work closely with them on a soul level using my innate ability to communicate with them.

I’ve been blessed to have been able to change the negative behavior of countless animals that have been abused and mistreated in the past and have helped owner and pet come closer together to create a deep and natural bond which previously had not seemed possible.

Corporates and business
I have garnered over 3,000 clients over the last 10 years, and now focused on developing and extending my portfolio of clients to include those requiring guidance and clarity in projecting growth of businesses, and multinational corporations in Bangladesh.

I focus on serving the comprehensive needs of businesses, be it small, medium or large, in the full range of the business cycle. I am not only experienced in the field of coaching, motivating and having a very clear and focused insight into the projections of a company’s goals and targets, but my ability of intuitively assessing any area of an organisation may be considered as my modest talent.

I have worked with multi-million dollar companies in the UK, Jordan and Australia, Canada and the United States, but also was an advisory consultant to Ministers of Parliament, Olympic athletes and TV and radio personalities. There are also individuals leading what we term normal lives in the fields of banking, medicine, the legal arena, senior executives, designers, as well as ambitious university and college students.

People and relationships
Over the last couple of years, people have asked me why I don’t call myself a straight out psychic, as I am able to do what they generally do in a reading. What I feel is different about what I do is the fact that I am, with my background training in Neuro Linguistic Programming, more able to counsel and guide people through their life issues. I don’t see the point of simply telling you what is about to happen in your life, if you are stuck with a major (or minor) dilemma which needs sorting out. How can you look ahead to what is about to happen, if you are unable to move on from your current issues?

I also feel that how you go about dealing with your current issues has a huge impact on how things will turn out for you and those you care about in the future. So no matter how much I can “see” what is going to happen in your life, all of that is obsolete if you take different actions in your current situation. I also feel that your future is in your hands. Yes, fate plays its own part, however, nothing is written in stone in regards to the positive and negative opportunities coming (or not coming!) into your life. It’s your attitude and the way you project your thoughts that bring about the results in your life, good and bad.

The journey that you may be taking with your partner would be a lot more scenic and exhilarating if you are empowered with the knowledge that the road ends with what you both want rather than find out at the end of the road that this is, at least for the other person, literally the end of the road.

Pets and animals
When I tune in with any being, human or animal, I am able to receive communication from them through pictures, feelings, words, thoughts and their emotions. All animal communicators work differently. I receive more of the animals’ feelings which are felt in the pit of my stomach. I also get absolutely direct conversation from them.

Their emotions, whether they are happy ones or sad ones, are translated to me in a way that I understand. The easiest way to explain is that I get, “blocks of feelings,” which are conveyed to me in the exact way that I would understand them.

For details, visit her website at www.catrima.com or shoot a mail to [email protected]

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