Customs detain innovative gold smuggler for the fifth time in January
Arifur Rahman Rabbi

The golden streak of smugglers caught at the airport continues with the fifth arrest to top off the month of January.

  • The gold bars recovered from th 
    Photo- Courtesy

Jahangir Alam, a Feni local flying in from Oman was questioned at the green channel in the customs where he, as expected, denied having any gold on his personage. An x-ray and a brief Q/A session later, 10 gold bars worth Tk60 lakh were confirmed to be in his anal passage.

On January 26, Md Didarul Alam Jahangir of Chittagong flew in with 14 gold bars hidden in his anal cavity.

On January 25, Fazlul Haq, had 1kg of gold bars inside him.

An x-ray scan revealing the gold bars secreted away inside the anal cavity Courtesy

On January 14, Md Jahangir Alam, a resident of Burichong in Comilla, was caught with 13 gold bars smuggled inside his person.

On January 5, Sharif Ahmed, a resident of Maynamati Bazar in Burichong, Comilla was apprehended with a dozen gold bars weighing 100grams each.

At each instance, customs officers were lying in wait for the smugglers to arrive. The smugglers, at every turn, denied possessing any gold. The usual routine of taking them to neighbouring hospitals for an x-ray, and then back to the airport where they were made to drink copious amounts of water to aid them in expelling the gold bars packed in condoms in their anal cavity ensued.

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