Fit for a mason
Raisa Rahim

Make-up organiser you can make at home


Many a time, you will find it maddening to look for that one make-up brush that probably resides among the mess you created last time on your dressing table. Well, fret not! This DIY organiser wiill help you keep all your brushes in one place at your arm’s reach.

This DIY makeup holder requires very little amount of shopping and effort. In addition it looks unique, creative and very trendy.

Things you’ll need:

  1. Mason jar

  2. Paper

  3. Spray paint (any colour you prefer)

  4. Glitters

  5. Adhesive (dilute it with a teaspoon of water)

  6. A pair of scissors

  7. Fillers: rocks/pebbles/marble/sand


Spray the outer side of your jar with spray paint. Now take a piece of paper (cut in a rectangular shape that covers the outer side of your jar), draw and cut out any shape you like such as stars, hearts, etc. Once you’re done with that, place the paper slightly to cover the jar and taking a paint brush, paste the diluted adhesive on to the cut out shapes that you created. After that, comes the fun part which is sprinkling the glitter on the adhesive. Gently peal the paper off and you will see that you have created a nice pattern of glitter on the paint jar.

The final step is to pour the fillers into the jar and you are good to go. The fillers help keep the brushes separated and sturdy in the organiser. Place your daily favourites in the organiser and put it on your table; it looks both cute and creative.

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