Aerate your home with plants
Pragya Rahman

Invite some nature into your home and watch the Zen of indoor plants work their magic into the structure of your household

In this hot and stuffy weather it is important to make sure your house gets a chance to breathe in oxygen and breathe out to get rid of all the carbon dioxide and other noxious gasses along with it. It is also vital to keep your house cool, calm and relaxed so why not take up a new hobby of indoor gardening to spruce up your humble abode and let some healing, natural energies greet the world that is your oyster?

Below are some energising plants that inspire living:

Indoor bamboo plants

These are known to bring good fortune in every way imaginable to the ones who are kind enough to accommodate some space for them in their homes. They’re also breathtakingly beautiful and are said to bring about the auras of peace and stability in your lives.


According to Feng Shui, plants with sharp edges are known to protect your home from a destructive flow of energy. Furthermore, keeping sharp plants like cacti in and around areas where you keep your valuables and money helps preserve them and promotes wise spending.


Rosemary, thyme and mint are a great addition to your kitchen, they’re fresh, easy to grow and bring great flavour to your food. Always remember that the freshest handpicked herbs for your roast chicken or your salad will make them taste even more heavenly than they used to. That’s some tender loving care for yourself and the family that these plants will bring to your life.


Orchids are the easiest plants to look after if you’re not that big of a fan of taking care of things. They will survive in just about any condition and, much like cacti, only need to be watered once or twice a week. They also look gorgeous, especially the while phalaenopsis orchids that bring about a sense of regal elegance into your home.  

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