The indoor sky
Farhana Shahnaz

Your very own LED cloud light


Don’t we all sometimes wish we could escape reality and lie unobstructed on a fuzzy cloud, without a care in the world? What if we say we can grant your wish? But of course, that comes with bit of a twist. You may not be able to make it to the clouds unless, of course, we come up with some kind of extreme technological discovery, but now you can bring the cloud to your room! No, it doesn’t involve going through some complex scientific procedure like you might have read in articles in ASAP science. All it involves is the use of cotton batting, a paper lantern, a bit of artistry, some imagination and a whole lot of glue. Still confused? Read ahead to find out how to have your very own LED cloud light installed in your bedroom.


  • Cotton batting

  • Paper lanterns (preferably white)

  • Wooden dowel

  • Fishing line or string

  • Hot glue gun

  • Battery-powered LED lights

  • Screw hook

  1. Take a paper lantern of any size and start gluing on some cotton batting with your hot glue gun. Use enough cotton to entirely cover the whole surface.

  2. Make a few of these with your paper lanterns; the more the better. For best results use paper lanterns of varied sizes.

  3. Tie the string or fishing line around your dowel.

  4. Attach a screw hook to the ceiling and tie the end of the string or fishing line to it to hang the dowel from it.

  5. Now attach to the dowel the cotton covered paper lanterns you made. Vary the heights to your desire to create some contrast and create the illusion of clouds.

  6. Now attach some LED lights to the base of the paper lanterns. And then turn the lights on!

Magical, isn’t it? Turn off your lights and gaze at your own little cloud, which, by the way, you created yourself. That’s reason enough to get you to cloud nine.

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