Saudia Afrin


In today's world, living a healthy life is an everyday struggle. The desire to lead such lifestyle remains unfulfilled because of the contemporary toxic lifestyle of people infused with non-friendly environmental elements. The use of natural elements and greeneries is hardly seen in this concrete jungle, and we tend to forget the fact that by adding little planters around your house might convert the outlook of your place and make it look fabulous with just a little effort. Admiringly, some people have not forgotten about mother nature, and they gladly embrace it setting trends out of their passion.

Different parts of plants can be utilised to decorate your house in distinct ways, as each has different shapes and patterns. Using unique material like acorns, pine cones, pebbles, sea shells, driftwood, etc, can add a modernised eco style to the traditional design.

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Even other natural elements can be incorporated into your home decor as centrepieces or even corner-pieces. Tree branches, beach pebbles, sea shells and dry flowers in a chunky vase will compliment your side or coffee table, as well as your book shelf. Bamboo, beach pebbles and sea shells can also be used as the base of an empty vase that can just sit on one of these tables.

Apart from creating stunning kitchen accessories, tree stumps also make wonderful stools. And nowadays stump pieces are also being used for wall decoration. Even wooden mirror frames are making a comeback this season. A bunch of home decor outlets around town have some lovely wooden mirror frames stacked in different shaped and design. Wool felt and feathers are also very popularly used for wall decoration these days. Wool felt has beautiful textures and come in vibrant shades that can take any wall from day to night.

Besides exclusive PVC door, bamboo is a great, eco-friendly option that can be used as room dividers. Bamboo or any leaf based rugs spread on any corner will add a chic, country touch to your home.

The best feature of these environmental-friendly elements added to your home decor is that they are all handmade and inexpensive.

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