Decentralisation can help Dhaka
Tribune Editorial

Dhaka-centric bias in competition for government postings has gone too far in Bangladesh

    Photo- Wikimedia

News that doctors are using influential figures to lobby for posts in the capital will not surprise  those concerned about business and government being over-centralised in Dhaka.

It is further evidence that Dhaka-centric bias in competition for government postings has gone too far in Bangladesh.

This self-perpetuating cycle benefits neither the capital’s businesses and residents, whose congestion and costs are increased as a consequence of Bangladesh’s over-centralised state, nor the nine in ten citizens who live outside Dhaka district.

Modern  communications and improving infrastructure over the years mean that the old excuse that this stems from senior civil servants having to be near the centre of power in the capital, is out of date.

Of course some will argue that it has always been this way and point to similar metropolitan bias in other countries. The Bangladesh Navy they will say, to take one commonly cited example, will have reams of arguments to thwart any prime minister who asks its top brass to move its HQ from Banani to Chittagong.

However, the national interest would clearly be better served if other cities and districts were enabled to compete with the gravitational pull on talent and resources exerted by the nation’s capital.

It is long overdue that the government takes a lead by moving more ministries around the country and by requiring senior civil servants to set an example that can be followed.

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