Dhaka Lit Fest’s inspiring message
Tribune Editorial


We commend the fifth annual Dhaka Lit Fest for drawing thousands of people to Bangla Academy to take part in seminars by internationally acclaimed authors and artists.

The organisers are to be congratulated for ensuring the three-day event was filled with a diverse range of speakers.

From talks on science by Nobel laureate Harold Varmus to an impressive array of sessions showcasing Bangladeshi arts and discussing world affairs, DLF was stimulating and inspiring to people of all ages and interests.

Cultural Affairs Minister Asaduzzaman Noor has applauded its success in gathering so many creative minds to share ideas and in helping to firmly place Bangladeshi culture and writing on the world stage via a truly international festival.

Nayantara Sahgal, the distinguished writer who opened the festival, spoke for humanity when she said that at a time when freedom and imagination are under attack globally from intolerance and violence, literature needs to stand for reason against unreason.

Dhaka Tribune is pleased to have supported DLF in attracting new appreciation for the rich cultural and welcoming nature of our nation’s people by hosting the best of world and Bangladeshi literature, in such an open and inclusive setting.

Now more than ever, we should celebrate the diversity of our heritage and create new space to encourage and nurture new ideas and creativity.

It is pleasing to note that DLF is just one of several major cultural events this month, such as the forthcoming Bengal Classical Music Festival at the Army Stadium, which are helping to grow Dhaka’s reputation as a vibrant city of culture.

These are welcome signs of resurgence in the confidence and global reach of Bangladeshi culture. They reflect the increasing ability of our nation as it moves towards becoming a middle-income nation, in engaging more vigorously with the wider world and in bringing Bangladesh to the world stage.

We hope and trust many people will draw inspiration from DLF and create and grow many more similar events in future years.

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