Errors in textbooks: Probe committee gets more time
Tribune Online Report

The investigation committee formed by the Education Ministry over the errors in the government textbooks gets seven more days to submit its report.

The ministry issued an order regarding the extension on Monday.

A three-member probe committee was formed by the ministry on January 8 to identify the officials responsible for the mistakes in textbooks.

After the textbook festival day, one after another ‘evidence’ of NCTB’s intentional changes to original texts coupled with numerous spelling and printing mistakes started surfacing in the social media.

In grade 1 textbook, a minor girl is seen saying, “O tey Orna Chai”, or I want a chest-scarf. The tendency behind choosing the word “Orna” for “O” has been termed as gender discriminatory in the social media.

On the other hand, in the Bangla textbook for grade 3, a very popular poem of 12 lines by Kusumkumari Das – “Adarsha Chele”, or the Exemplary Boy – appears in the textbook full of changed words and spelling mistakes. In a line, NCTB has supplanted half of the sentence with imaginary words.

In Hindu Religion and Moral Education textbook printed for the third grade, NCTB printed “Do not heart anybody”, instead of “Do not hurt anybody”.

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