Classical Concert by Lakshyapar in Narayanganj
Asit Kumar

Recently they held a late autumn session of classical music at Sudhijan Pathagar in Narayanganj


With a strong belief that classical music has the capacity to express every change in nature, to express every mood of the human mind, Lakshyapar arranges classical music programs in five of the six seasons of the region.

Recently they held a late autumn session of classical music at Sudhijan Pathagar in Narayanganj.

To present the audience with a variety of music, the evening soiree opened with a tabla solo. Promising tabla artiste, Mir Naqibul Islam, gave a solo recital traditionally called “laharaa.”

What was great about the young artiste was his well planned approach to the performance. He looked very sure of what he was going to perform. He was focused and was in a very good mood that evening. Though he had his initiation from Madan Gopal Das & Ashoke Paul, with an open mind he blended his repertoire from all schools of the genre.

By his selection of compositions, his control over tempo and his communicative power he gave an impressive performance. Tamnia Islam accompanied the artiste on harmonium with a mature sense of tempo and patience.

The next item was vocal music. Rezwan Ali performed a raag associated with the season. Raag Hemanta was created by Ustad Alauddin Khan, who impressed Tagore and inspired him to compose a song on it. Rezwan Ali improvised on the raag in a khayal perfomance as Sabuj Ahmed aptly provided accompaniment on tabla. Sabuj also accompanied the next artiste to perform.

Dipon Sarker was the last performer of the night.

The audience waited impatiently to see his little known instrument, the chaturangi. Actually it is a Hawaiian slide guitar which has been customized to suit the mood of Indian classical music. Dipon played three compositions in three raags. They were raag Desh, raag Kirwani and raag Bhairabi. The second performance cast in the dhun format deserves to be specially mentioned.

The program was broadcast live by two online radio stations, Radio Lakshyapar and Radio Nree. The host of the programme was Sudhijan

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