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As a 9th grader, he took part in a fashion show as an aspiring make-up artist. Later, besides doing bridal make-up at home and at Banthai, and travelling to Singapore to work as a MAC demonstrator, he participated in a number of Pakistani and Indian fashion shows. One of the most creative minds in the industry, Bapon Rahman, make-up expert and partner of Divine Beauty Lounge, shares his angle on this year’s trending fads, his inspirations and make-up tips he swears by.

How did you wind up in the shoes of a bridal make-up expert?
I started off working with models. Billboards, fashion shows and print media were my forte. I started getting overwhelming responses from my clients so I branched out and tried my hand at bridal make-up and boom! There was no turning back from there.

How, in Bangladesh, have the bridal make-up trends changed over the years?
We started off with the traditional look; we then experimented with other colours in between but we are back to basics now, which is red. Red teep, red lipstick and red benarasi have all made a comeback. However, there are still traces of experimental make-up trends here and there.

What, according to you, influences our make-up trends?
Moroccan and Arabian make-up trends are all the hype now. But some brides want to take the traditional route with a neat middle parting for the tikli and a big teep, which is equally elegant.

Which route do you prefer to take?
I personally love the Moroccan style for the brides. But it all comes down to how the bride wants to look on her big day, her facial features and preferences. Lately, I’ve been doing a ceramic tone as the base make-up – looks very flawless. I pay extra attention to contouring and that’s something which is very easy to go wrong with.

Which make-up fads are trending this spring?
Unlike last year, the international make-up trends are drifting away from the pastel shades this spring. Even though soft, pastel eyes are still very in, for lips, flirty strokes of brilliant colours are all the rage now. Red, orange, plum, purple, burgundy, you name it. Exaggeratedly winged out eyeliner is in too. For the base, bronze-ish tone is the go-to route this season, and it’s best to keep everything light and steer clear of the cakey foundation look.

Are we on the same page with the international fads?
Not really, international and local make-up trends are miles apart. We may want to follow the international ones but we have to make sure we don’t end up adopting something so absurd that may not suit us at all. But there are so many options to choose from. Their trends are really fashion forward and spot on. We should pick things that we can carry off well.

Do you have a make-up trick that you swear by?
Yes, many! The golden rule of thumb is to balance things out. If you’re keeping the lips dark, opt for lighter shades for the eyes and vice versa. Pay attention to contouring and smudging, they’re very important. Even if you’re applying liner over your lids, you have to make sure it’s smudged and blended in properly. If you have oily skin opt for oil-free, powder based make-up products and make sure to use an oil control primer. Don’t worry, the matte look is back again.

What changes would you like to see in our fashion industry?
So many things! I think we have made significant progress in terms of fashion apparels, but we haven’t really kept tabs on the latest make-up trends. The film industry, for instance, could use our expertise. There’s so much room for improvement and growth there.

  • Someone you’d let apply make-up on you, if you had to?
    I dearly love Kaniz Apa but I’d let Farzana Shakil do my make-up any day

  • Your international icons?
    Billy B and Mickey Contractor

  • Your favourite perfume?
    Salvatore Ferragamo and Grey Flannel

  • What’s on your playlist right now?
    Amar hiyar majhe lukiye chhiley

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