Hoax spreading about Nicolas Cage's death
Tribune Online Report

People across the world are being fooled by a fake pictured that claims Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage has died.

It claims the actor allegedly died in a fatal motorcycle accident, reports the International Business Times.

According to the report, the news of Cage's death spread on social media after several users shared a CNN picture claiming the 52-year-old actor died in a road accident.

The picture was captioned: "Famous Actor Nicolas Cage Passed Away: Fatal Motorcycle Accident."

However, the veracity of the claim was questioned by some.

The picture with the CNN logo looked dubious as it depicted an accident that took place in San Diego in 2011.

Moreover, the news of Cage's supposed death did not appear on the CNN website nor was it reported by any other media outlets. The image has now been taken down.

This is not the first time that Cage has been a victim of a death hoax. A few weeks ago, reports of his death in a snowboarding accident in Switzerland swirled around the internet.

However, none of these claims have been found to be true.

The actor is busy with his upcoming films "Snowden" and "The Croods 2," scheduled for release in 2017.  

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