Ombre nails
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At first, there were the classic nudes and gentle beiges quietly sitting on every finger. Soon, this trend of subdued shades transcended into darker counterparts that paraded in strong shades of auburn and coffee. Before they could go any further in the race of classic tints, bold reds, and solid maroons made their presence felt with striking statement hues. When the world was tired of dreary, solid shaded nails, then came the ombre nails: the gentle yet audacious mesh of shades that step into the world of multiple colours, opening up several creative doors for nail art fanatics. Simple, easy to do and enormously stylish, it’s time you tried out this trend and let your nails speak your mood.


  • 2 nail polishes in separate shades (one light and one dark)
  • 1 topcoat
  • 1 small square of cellophane paper*
  • 1 sponge*
  • 1 toothpick

*You may cut out squares from any reusable plastic bag

**A make-up sponge will suffice


1) Paint your entire nails using the lighter shade of nail polish. Wait five minutes for the polish to dry.

2) On a cellophane paper, place one drop of the lighter shade. To its left, place one drop of the darker shade. Both these polishes should be placed in a manner that leaves no clear space between the two.

3) Using a toothpick, gently make 1mm circles in the meeting point between the two polishes, being careful not to completely mix the two.

4) Use a tiny square of sponge and dab the edge on top of the meshed polish on the cellophane paper.

5) Lightly dab the sponge directly on your nails, making sure that the lighter shaded side of the sponge is near your cuticles. Keep dabbing until you have a light shaded effect.

6) Wait three minutes for your nails to dry.


7) Apply top coat to smoothen out the polish. Wait two minutes for the polish to dry

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