Five types of people you meet at the airport
Tasnuva Siddique, Naveen Rahman


We all have our very own set of bitter-sweet memories of the long time spent at airports. Quite naturally, in any place that requires waiting for quite a while, you can't help but find different varieties of people. Some might truly manage to get on your nerves and drive you nuts with rage at their outrageous demeanour in public, while others only evoke surprise and curiousity within you. Then there are also the "regulars" that just happen to pass you by. Unnoticed, you barely spare them a thought. This week, we look at some stereotypical airport regulars that we love to hate (or hate to love).

The Tech Junkies
You are bound to come across this specific group of people when you are at an airport. They flaunt their expensive suits and formal wear while walking with an oh-so-important air matched with an unwavering glare. They will always be on their Blackberries or their laptops, looking as if all the work in the entire world was for their shoulders alone. It is only very rarely that you will find a smile on their faces, and that is only because of some successful business deal that they got tidings of on their phone or other handheld device.

The Firsts
Even if you’re having a terrible day, dreading the idea of long hours and endless queues at the airport, you can easily be cheered by the Firsts. First time air travellers are always filled with childlike wonder and awe, and their enthusiasm can be contagious. Regardless of how many different kinds of cronies you come across at your junction, these ones can always brighten up your day.

The Loud Pack of Teens
In defence of teens, it is hard not to be loud when you’re young and excited, especially if you have people who are of a similar age travelling with you. The thrill of adventure, the excitement of travel and the company of friends invariably make them the boisterous bunch of teens we love to hate. They get all excited and riled up over nothing and prefer having a good hearty laugh with friends instead of sitting in a corner, waiting glumly. For the latter lot, these kinds are the ultimate form of annoyance, getting on the nerves of those who've just landed from long flights or have to suffer endless transits.

The Late Comers
The late comers are a sight to behold. They try to zoom through the airport, heavy luggage in tow, faces a picture of panic and distress. Struggling to make it through the last slot at immigration, they are the ones we can't help but feel sorry for. Whether at airports or elsewhere, we've all experienced being the last man to reach a destination.

Team Casuals
Finally there are those who breeze through the airport in tracks and crocs, backpack in tow, headphones plugged on. Team Casuals are the ones you envy for being able to confidently travel through the airport in pajama pants or tropical flipflops, looking like they've just arrived or are about to leave for a vacation in the tropics. One look at them and you regret not dressing more comfortably yourself.


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