Tips to be ignored
Rad Sharar Bin Kamal

Here are how doctors protect themselves from “pathetic” colds


You already know how to steer clear of colds and flus: wash your hands, use sanitisers, keep your abode and yourself clean and stay aware. However, that much will be disregarded till you are actually suffering from the life-threatening bacteria in question, hence, let's go straight to the remedy side. These are how doctors protect themselves when their noses are blocked for a change.

Sore throats?
The medicine cabinet (bless you if it's a cabinet) shouldn't be the first solution of relief when your throat feels like you're swallowing a porcupine every time you gulp. Head over to the kitchen instead and make some tea, and as chefs love to say, with a “dash” of lemon and honey. The honey helps particularly if you have coughing issues.

Doctors rarely use decongestants and antihistamines. They know full well that heavy medicine is the last option. Natural alternatives such as saline helps clear out nasal blocks quite efficiently. Moreover, it's only water and salt so there are no side effects either. The only tip is, you must consume a lot of it.

Chicken soup
If saline makes your tongue curl right up, why not opt for the old-fashioned chicken soup? The vapour clears nasal passages, relieves throbbing sinuses and most importantly, tastes good!

They take meds too
Then the headache is simply unbearable, they turn to over-the-counter pain relievers. “The thing that I take most regularly is Tylenol and aspirin,” said a doctor. “It’s that sick feeling - that achy, blah feeling you have when you get sick - that really bothers me.”
The other advice is to avoid “all-in-one” sold remedies and buy medication individually for each symptom.

The lesson?
They keep saying the same annoying thing: “Prevention is key.” But we already know that don't we?


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