Tawa's Ramadan Platter


This Ramadan, Tawa is observing the holy month with two delicious Iftar platters. Platter A consists of traditional Iftar items such as Eggplant Fritters (Beguni), Onion Lentil Fritters (Piaju), Beef Samosa, Chicken Shaslik, Egg Chop, Dates, Malta, Jalebi, Haleem and other specialties before making room for their signature ambrosial Hyderabadi Chicken Biriyani. One of the best aspects of this Biriyani is that they give a hearty portion of chicken and the aromatic rice which is all deliciousness and generosity – enough to satisfy a devouring appetite. The platter is served with a chilled and refreshing Rose Milk Shake, all priced at only Tk480 (all Inclusive). The pool of flavors and aroma makes this Platter a delightful Iftar meal. Visit Tawa: The Kabab Place at House: 02, Road: 08, Block: D, Banani, Dhaka or call their hotline at 01630-547000.

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