10-year-old girl diagnosed with ‘tree man’ disease
DMCH Correspondent

    Photo- Dhaka Tribune

A grade III student has been diagnosed with a rare skin disorder in which scaly warts resembling tree barks cover the body.

Shahana, 10, was admitted to Dhaka Medical College Hospital's Burn and Plastic Surgery Unit on Sunday.

She has been suffering from the disease, commonly known as 'tree man' disease, since birth, her father Shahajahan Mia told the Dhaka Tribune on Monday.

Doctors say it is caused by the rare genetic condition epidermodysplasia verruciformis and has often been described as an incurable disease.

“When she was small, something that looked like a tree root started sprouting out her face and it has been getting bigger ever since,”  her father said.

Shahajahan said they tried homeopathic treatment but it did not work.

The only other Bangladeshi known to have been diagnosed with 'tree man' is Abul Bajandar.

He has made remarkable progress after 16 successful surgeries at DMCH. Doctors say if the warts do not grow back, Bajandar would be the first person ever to recover from the disease.

Burn unit project director Dr Abul Kalam told the Dhaka Tribune that Shahana was infected with the same disease as that of Abul Bajandar but the intensity was “far lower”.

“We will observe her for the next week and then form a medical teamfor her treatment,” he said.

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