The book nook
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Give your home aesthetics a literary touch


If you're an incurable bookworm, let it reflect in your home. Books are good for more than just imparting knowledge - it is a decoration must-have in many households. Infusing your room with that literary aura will create an inviting atmosphere that will make you want to curl up with a book and remain there for hours.

Although books are very easy to use as accessories, a little help here and there might take your decor to a different level altogether:

Colour co-ordination

Start by stacking books of the same size and colour together. Sometimes, even placing a pretty little desk clock on the stack could add a little more oomph to it. Also, remember that while new, glossy books have a very attractive appeal towards them, the old tattered classics will give an edge to any room you choose to bless them with.

The coffee table

We often wonder in what ways we could decorate the centre tables in our living rooms, other than the traditional centre piece and a crystal vase with plastic flowers. Convert this table into a mini library so all your favourite books are close at hand. For a library, a tiered coffee table is usually preferred. It makes your room look clean, classic and neat.

The entertainment centre

An old dresser can easily be turned into a bookshelf-cum-entertainment centre. Get rid of all the drawers except the top ones, where you should store all your tech gears. Stack books horizontally in the lower shelves. To add a little more polish, you might place a decorating piece on top. Make sure to keep the apparatus simple, otherwise the books and the complex designs will kill the classic vibe.

Mirror, mirror

If you have a large stuffed bookshelf, and you don't know how to break the monotony, here's your answer. Attach a small mirror in front of the shelf to break the rectangular feel of the furniture, and also, you could hide the rarely-read books behind the cute circular mirror.


Don't clutter your bookshelves. Instead of it serving only its original purpose, turn it into a miscellaneous holder. Don't clog up all the space inside with books. For a clean look, begin with similar arrangements. If the books on the top shelf are arranged vertically, place the ones on the second shelf horizontally. Place them on opposite sides and fill up the remaining space with small, simple accessories. You could even attach a wallpaper to the back of the shelf to give it a more personalised appearance.  


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