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3 ways to open up a narrow corridor


Ever since the 90s and the advent of apartment culture in Dhaka, our homes have been getting smaller and smaller, our spaces more cramped, forcing us to get creative. If your pad has a dark, narrow corridor, here are three ways you can make it look bigger and more spacious.

With colour
Light colours reflect light and make a space look more expansive. Paint your walls with a light colour in semigloss paint for better reflection. Pick a lighter, contrasting colour for your ceilings. If your budget allows it, consider light tiling for the floor. You don’t have to restrict yourself to stark white - although, done well, pristine white can be really elegant.
Soft greys and pastels are really trending this year.

With light
Generalised lighting can pool all the lighting in one place. Consider playing with accent lighting to
brighten up your corridor. From spot lights to track lights, stagger the lighting to create an airy, open feeling. Planting a chandelier near the entrance can create a great visual effect, as well as illuminate the space.

Mirrors and wall art
Mirrors, by their very reflective nature can create the illusion of a bigger space. You can opt for a large show-stopping mirror, or stagger a few smaller ones to create a collage, and therefore fake width. An arrangement of wall art, be they framed photos, paintings, or this year’s unexpected craze of neon light lettering, can draw the eye along the length of the walls, making the corridor seem to stretch out. 

The key word to remember with narrow corridors is “light.” Light colours, smart lighting, and a light hand with accessories (keep the corridor as uncluttered as possible) can work together to really open up the space and relieve the claustrophobia.




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