When a man has changed
Agony Aunt


I am 20 years old. My ex is leaving for Australia in a few weeks. I am desperately in love with her but she has cut all ties with me ever since we broke up over my involvement with my current girlfriend. She cannot look past that indiscretion and I cannot continue this sham relationship. We were young when we dated so I want to tell her that I've changed. What should I do?

You, my dear, are in love with a very sensible girl, she thinks that if you cannot be trusted when she is in town, what will you do when she is out of town for a long period. I am sorry for you, but may be, just may be, you desperately want her because she does not want you. Let it rest, as the saying goes, if they are roses they will blossom! If you are destined to be together it will happen.

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