Modern guest etiquette
Amreen Rahman

Three ways to ensure you get a return invitation from your host


There's nothing worse than having an obnoxious house guest who disrupts your daily schedule, demands to be treated like a princess and is a constant ache on your backside. Most hosts will invite guests hoping to show them a good time, making it seem like their sole responsibility is to enjoy themselves to the fullest. In reality, while it is natural for guests to relax in the company of their gracious hosts, they have a greater responsibility of making sure they aren't a burden to them while they're at it. Regardless of how and when a guest is going over, no matter how hospitable your host is, try not to forget these three steps to keep those invitations coming.

Always RSVP
The first rule for being a good host is to RSVP. In other words, always let your host know if and when you can make it to their invitation. It has come to a point where most guests take for granted that their hosts will be prepared for their arrival, even though they haven't confirmed. RSVP-ing allows the host to know exactly how many people will be coming, lessening their burden along the way.

Bring a token of your appreciation

Call us old-fashioned, but it's always nice to bring your host a small gift or present. While it's more common for Bangladeshi's to take sweets when visiting someone, you can always carry a more personal gift or take them out for dinner later if you're staying overnight or more.

Be thankful

The last leg of the excellent guest guide includes a simple, yet easily forgotten rule – thanking your host. Not only have they graciously hosted you, but have taken it upon themselves to make your stay as hassle-free and comfortable as possible. Don't just blurt a rushed “thank you!” as you leave, but really mean it. Send them a note or even leave a text message to let them know that you sincerely appreciated their hospitality.

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