Things that made BB10 unique
Showtime Desk


It’s not new for controversial reality show Bigg Boss to be panned. The criticism, however, has never been a deterrent in its popularity. In fact, the more the criticism, the higher the ratings. From common people to celebs from the showbiz, Bigg Boss has earned its loyal audience, mainly for bringing out different psyches and personalities of its contestants on screen.

The show is currently in its tenth season and raking in TRPs. But, something’s amiss when the same viewers, episode after episode, are either switching channels, or left complaining about the crassness being shown. This season had common people as its participants along with the celebrities – a move aimed at making the show more inclusive and interesting. But it seems to have backfired with the show’s followers. Though the show is over, Bigg Boss season 10 is still making news as it had a new dimension this year. Adding commoners with the celebrities made the show colourful, and sometimes mean at the same time. As a result, some things happened on the show, which were never seen in the history of Bigg Boss.

On a funny note, two commoners Manu Panjabi and Manveer seduced each other in the show, which made the audience think about their preference. This happened during a truth and dare game, when Manu was dared to seduce his buddy, Manveer Gurjar. The two got seriously intimate during the dare and everyone enjoyed watching the two. The girls sang “aaj phir tumpe pyar aaya hai” for the buddies.

Before Manu-Manveer, the same dare had required two girls to act out a seductive performance.

During the show, host Salman Khan got so irritated that he threw two contestants out from the show. He asked Priyanka Jagga to leave and then Swami Om the same. He didn’t even bother to meet Om as he got so angry with him.

After abusing Lopamudra Raut and talking ill about Manu Punjabi’s deceased mother, Salman told Priyanka “Leave my home” after she started creating drama on the show. The show reached a new low when Swami Om stooped to throwing his pee on Bani J and Rohan Mehra. After which, Swami Om was kicked out of the Bigg Boss house. Whatever the situation was, no one can deny that the Bigg Boss house became a platform for the eight commoners. It was like a shock to the celebrities. Most of the tasks got cancelled this time, either for not understanding or getting violent in some way.  

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