Phone bills made easier
Chisty Rahim

Taking a look at the new app Madviser

Have you ever wondered how difficult it is to keep track of all the offers that come out from your phone service provider, month after month? There are special call rates of a few paisas per minute, some for the same two operators and others for one operator connecting to a different reciever. Then there are bundle deals, where they offer you free minutes and internet packages. For example, 300MB of internet for Tk99, 30 minutes of talk time and so on.

It all gets pretty confusing just to figure out which package deal would be best for you to buy. The package deals given by the different service providers are based on usages and user preference, which vary from person to person. And the only possible way to find out which one best suits you would be, simply, to try them all. Then again, you have to keep in mind which package you are using to test and compare it for a while before you come to a decision.

Well not anymore!

The app, Madviser, a new creation of Humac Lab, is now providing a solution to the problem. The app takes into account your personal usage of the different service providers and offers you best solution to minimise cost, and turn your phone and sim into a more effective mean of communication.

The app helps with the optimisation of mobile bills by simply suggesting voice, data packages and special offers that goes with your mobile usage behaviour. It has a personal dahboard feature that allows you to make decisions regarding your usage by providing you with analytical insights based on that. In addition, it also helps you compare your packages with others and clarify what best suits you. The app is created for only users of Bangladesh so far and is planned to reach out to other countries as well.

The best feature of the app is that it remembers all the activation codes provided by the telecom operators. Which means, the days of keeping brochures and written down notes of package activation codes has ended. You no longer have to Google search or bother yourself (and others) for the actvitaiton codes everytime you run out of data or talk time, as your package expires. Madviser simply tells you which package to choose and activates it for you automatically. You can also change your FnF numbers without the botheration of codes.

The app has a size of 5.4MB and has already been downloaded a little over 11 thousand times from the app store. It is available for Android versions 2.2 and up, and has recieved a rating of 4.3 average by users.

Some users have complained that the app does not have all the offers provided by the different operators. Clearly, It needs a bit of work. But so far, it is a software that would come in handy for a lot of us. Make sure to give it a shot, and see how it works for you.

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