Types on Valentine’s Day
Rad Sharar Bin Kamal TMAG

A few to see on the day when love runs free

The nocturnal

Their plans comprise of a single beloved object, called the bed. No boy/girl will snuggle more than them on this special occasion, which they probably forgot about. They know how to play it cool, and are no where to be seen the whole day.

The romantic

The only equation that makes sense to them is “Valentine’s = Love”. These fellows are Cupid’s favourite lovepugs, and they will go all out to prove their undying love through pocket-smeared chocolates, stolen flowers and heart-shaped balloons for their significant other.

The single-ready-to-mingle

Every occasion is a blessing in disguise for them. Oh yes, no partner on the day of love? Time to get one. Most of those embarrassing clichéd scenarios in shady restaurants are initiated by these jolly fellows, and concluded by their cheeks like jello. 

The oh-so-social

With the love of my life (picture with his/her cat). Not only will they remain single and dodge every Cupid archer, they will declare it to the world. Occasionally the cat being replaced with pizza, the posts from these social birds only make one feel worse about themselves.


Oh they have a partner, and they’re on the move for some cupid groove. Unnaturally close-up selfies are their ultimate proof of love on social media, and will stay offline immediately after the post till the sun peeks up.

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