Steal the style: Idris Elba
Mahmood Hossain Weekend

He might or might not be the next 007, but you can sure as heck steal his suave wardrobe


Idris Elba is now a legitimate style icon. Not only is this man tall, dark and handsome, his acting skills are simply brilliant. You wouldn’t be wrong to say he’s the perfect package because his style, both on and off the screen, is like no other. This man owns the screen and red carpet events flawlessly. He strikes the perfect balance between being bold and sophisticated. And that’s something most men shy away from. We take a look at some of the more notable looks he’s pulled off as of late. These same looks you can pull off yourself, with a few tweaks of course.

Get comfy
Just recently, Mr Elba showed up to the Star Trek Beyond premiere in San Diego wearing shorts! He wore shorts at the red carpet, for goodness sake. Even though it was perfectly appropriate for an event like Comic-Con, most men wouldn’t dare or even imagine wearing such an outfit. He also showed up in his best pair of Ray-Ban shades with a white, collarless, fitted shirt and some grey shorts, rounded off with blue suede kicks. Can you get any cooler? This is how you do smart-casual right.

You could steal the entire outfit, which is perfectly fine, or get a little creative and show up with a personal touch. The cut and fitting of his collarless shirt is very similar to the more modern panjabi or kurta. Keep things as simple as possible when it comes to design but make sure it fits, as if its almost hugging your body. The grey shorts can easily be swapped out for some grey casual, slim-fit trousers or chinos. This subtle contrast between the top and bottom is surprisingly suave for a summer look on a Friday. As for the suede sneakers, a pair of quality, strapped leather sandals will do just fine.

Colour correction
Our second look of Elba’s is the ever-so-cool salmon-pink tee-shirt. In fact, it’s more of a shade in between salmon and thulian pink. Well, who cares, you get the idea. What most men aren’t aware of is how flattering these colourful yet soothing shades look on darker toned men. Bangladeshi men, for the most part, are brown in skin tones of different shades. Men of colour look exceptionally well with colours that pop. The look you should be going for doesn’t necessarily have to have this exact colour in it, but it does help if you try out a similar shade that you usually don’t wear.

You’ll have to muster up some courage if this is not your usual cup of tea. Combine a simple t-shirt like this with some regular or slim-fit jeans, some all-white sneakers and you’ll be as cool as this handsome bloke. We shouldn’t have to remind you, but make sure everything fits to your figure. The t-shirt shouldn’t be squeezing your torso and the sleeves should wrap midway around your biceps. Well, that would be the ideal way to wear it.

Everyday gym combo
Whether you actually workout or not, it won’t hurt to try out some fitted athletic wear that can bring versatility throughout our unpredictable weather. Seen here, Idris all in black, is a cross between hopping off the treadmill and onto the tennis court. There’s the fresh promotional The Dark Tower snap-back on his dome, the pristine body hugging polo, the slim-fit sweats and the sweetest pair of the classic, black and white Nike Cortez shoes. At first glance, this may seem a bit too simple, with no glam whatsoever. However in menswear, it’s all about the smaller details.

It’s not just about comfort and style, it’s also about the versatility and function. Apart from the drawstring hanging out carelessly, if you look close enough, these sweats or joggers have grooves around the knees, serving as kneepads. Little yet significant details like this does just enough to put some character in the entire look. And of course, the Cortez kicks aren’t playing second fiddle either. With details in check, this one is more about looking sporty in the face of harsh winds and pouring rain. However, we recommend you wear the proper footwear regarding our current monsoon season. In order to not completely ruin your fresh Cortez-esque shoes, opt for canvas sneakers instead. The latter handles wet environments better without sacrificing the good looks.

The takeaway
Most of us are afraid to take on the styles of some celebrities because we feel as if we don’t have the proper resources. But here we are, making the best of what we’ve got. And Idris Elba is the perfect example of not splashing cash everywhere in order to look incredibly stylish. It’s all about the confident attitude, care-free nature and determination to be at your best. The tags, brand name and logos don’t matter, but it’s how you carry yourself in those outfits that matter most. Dress smart, gentlemen. Dress sharp.

Mahmood Hossain

Mahmood Hossain is the Assistant Editor for Avenue T at Dhaka Tribune.

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