Street Photography

Photos and text: Torsten Bünning

Serendipity is the aptitude to make desirable discoveries by accident. The “photo subjects” will emerge anywhere, anytime in the streets, thus they are captured serendipitously.

As a photographer of the human condition focusing on social documentary in the right moment, I am roaming the streets and take photographs of people on my way to other photo locations.

I am involved in three ongoing projects, samples of which can also be seen at:


Streetwise Bengal
In the streets of Bengal many men and minors have will do anything to make a living. The fragility of the Bengali people portrayed evokes empathy in the beholder. They are existentialists by birth and I became intrigued by the strong mental perseverance to live against all odds, which our Western eyes might perceive as an inexplicable will to survive.

The photographs were taken across the streets of “Bengal” (not refering to a political, but to the cultural region areas of India and in Bangladesh, where Bengali-speaking people are the majority.)



Roma People Portraiture
The most recent and least of my serendipitous project is about Roma People, who are living widely dispersed in Eastern Europe, i.e. in the Balkans. Their living conditions for the vast majority are just unbearable, a life that non-gypsies can hardly imagine, nor sympathize with their economic or mental situation. The kids liked to be portrayed as the proud horse owner, still a traditional craft for rural Roma people. It takes much more than serendipidity to successfully approach them and win their confidence, though.



Street Spirit of Berlin
Sometimes coming home from random walks in Berlin with little gems, happy to always being able capture what is I see as the Street Spirit of Berlin. Berliners can perceive their home town with different eyes than outsiders, who are interested in the famous Karaoke or the Potsdamer Platz.

Many ignore that one fifth of its inhabitants depend on the Basic Social Assistance (aka Hartz4), although these people give distinction to the townscape in many streets of central Berlin. The woman who is digging deep into the dustbin to collect deposit bottles near to the election poster, which campaigning in favor of a minimum wage.


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