Thumbs up to a green thumb
Farhana Shahnaz

House plants are not just an object of decor


You may or may not be big on the Bohemian decor style but one element that we all unanimously love about it is the abundant use of indoor plants. Although house plants are mostly used for aesthetical purposes they also confer health benefits. In that matter, if you don't have a green thumb, you might want to reconsider.

Oxygen supply

If you have the basic knowledge of high-school biology you should know that plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen during photosynthesis. You should then also know that oxygen is good for health. Having more plants will evidently increase the oxygen supply in your surrounding and too much of oxygen can never be a bad thing.

Air cleaner

Research conducted by NASA has revealed that plants help purify the air indoors, which you might also have read in your high-school textbooks. Going back to the photosynthesis reference, they draw out carbon dioxide from the air as well as toxic fumes. In this pollution infested city of ours won't it be nice to have a breathe of fresh air, literally?

Natural humidifier

When you have to keep reapplying moisturizer every now and then these days, you know winter is coming. The solution to this, you may be surprised to know, is getting more plants. We don't mean those concoctions you find in The Body Shop products. Plants release water through a process called transpiration which can increase humidity, and humidity equals supple skin. Less dry skin is not the only benefit you can reap from indoor plants, increased humidity reportedly can also reduce the occurrence of cold, dry cough and sore throat.


Certain plants have antibacterial and healing properties is a universal fact but the fact that they can “heal” you noninvasively has to be news to you. Studies have found that so much as viewing plants during recuperation can speed up the process. It may be time to renew that old cliché of bringing flowers or plants while visiting a patient.

Performance enhancer

Don't get the wrong idea but plants can help improve your performance too. Studies have confirmed that working or studying in the presence of plants can help improve memory retention, productivity and concentration. So next time for finals week you might want to get some house plants with those hoards of coffee, energy drink and nachos.

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