VLCC plan ambitious expansion in Bangladesh beauty sector
Sarker Saqib


After the visit of Vandana Luthra last month, the founder of the global wellness brand, VLCC revealed their agenda to expand its scope in Bangladesh.

“I am happy to inform you that VLCC has lined up an ambitious expansion agenda for Bangladesh in line with our mission of making preventive healthcare and wellness accessible to all sections of local society,” Luthra said during her visit.

The plan includes doubling the number of VLCC slimming, beauty and fitness centres from two to four in Bangladesh. The expansion would see VLCC branching out beyond Dhaka where it will allow the company to reach out to more people in Bangladesh.

“We have already finalised a plan to establish a state-of-the-art, hi-tech company-operated VLCC Slimming, Beauty & Fitness Center at Chittagong in the financial year 2016-17. We are also exploring an opportunity to set up a similar facility at Sylhet through a franchisee,” Luthra added.

VLCC is also “keenly exploring” the possibility of setting up the first VLCC Institute of Beauty & Nutrition in Bangladesh.

“Given that the beauty and wellness sector has traditionally employed more women than men, focusing on skill development in this arena will also contribute in a big way to the cause of women empowerment,” Luthra said.

“Along with two Slimming, Beauty & Fitness Centers located at Gulshan and Dhanmondi in Dhaka, we decided to establish a small manufacturing base for personal care products in Bangladesh in 2013 to cater to the domestic market and in-house consumption,” Luthra added.

The VLCC factory, located in Jamalpur, is manufacturing skin-care, hair-care and sun-protection products in Bangladesh. Production started in late 2013.

Winner of a Padma Shri, the fourth highest civilian award in India, Vandana Luthra says she does not think that awards should define who she is or what she does. The 58 years old business tycoon said that she loves visiting Bangladesh and hopes to help Bangladeshi clients with preventative healthcare and beauty solutions.

The beauty and wellness giant VLCC operates through 300 outlets in 134 cities across 11 countries.

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