Smacking that anger out
Rad Sharar Bin Kamal

6 ways to keep your cool at work


The day has barely started and you have already been unfairly referred to as an singular unit of excitement by your respected boss. The project for which your beauty sleep was sacrificed last is officially resting in the office trash beside the conference room, and that birthday gift you forgot for your significant other hasn't still arrived its retribution in the form of unreplied text messages and ear-blasting screaming sessions.

Naturally, the thought of jumping from the 14th floor, with your boss in your loving arms, becomes strangely appealing at this stage. However, that is strong advised against, for there are better methods to restart your day for the better. Here are six ways you could calm down, and save a few lives, including your own, in the process.


Even though you wish to blurt out every animal name you ever heard on the discovery channel at your monitor screen, it would be more prudent to snap it back shut and just, breathe. Counting to ten, annoyingly, helps as well, for what reduces the intensity is in most cases, time. “While it may not remove the stress,” says Swati Mittal Jagetia, a certified professional coach, “it buys you time to step back, put things in perspective, and bite your tongue before you say something you might regret.”


An efficient emotional release is transforming your feelings into words, so grab a few pans and papers (predicting a few company materials to be damaged here) and start writing off what you wish to say and to whom. But make sure it's tucked back into your pocket. “Don’t put anything in writing [to someone else] when you’ve been provoked or a foul mood has taken over,” says Jagetia. “Emails can be saved, forwarded, and placed in your file for future reference if something goes wrong.” Your best bet is to shred (or permanently delete) the evidence after you've vented it all out.

There's always Eddie

There's always an Eddie at work who you can trust with, well almost, anything. Eddie understands the dynamics and is always nodding along when you wish to “teepee” the director's office an hour after office ends. Having a partner in crime helps deal with the office pressures and makes it easier to cope when the heat is up. Trust in Eddie, and vent it all out, but always make sure to assume his/her role when the tables turn.

Call your mom

No shame in it. Sometimes all it takes to calm yourself down is a few words of love from a beloved, and it does not have to just be your significant other either. Take a few minutes to sneak to the side and call your dear old mom. The little, silly conversations are always an effective distraction in the worst of situations. But do remember to get that birthday gift next time, yeah?

Find a laugh

Storm back into your cubicle and go to every hilarious website you ever knew. Happiness is a choice, formed from the decisions you make. Whether you decide to be happy and smiling is all on you, and finding your zen in moments of volcanic frustration will help simmer it down. For recommendations, 9GAG and BuzzFeed usually never fail to disappoint.

However, that is simply phase one. You do need to get back to work, hence topping the comedy sessions off with a few motivational videos may help you get back on track, with confidence to devour whatever is thrown at you.

Take a break

If things are really intense - say, you have just been passed off your a great promotion by a colleague (damn you, Eddie) who stole your brainchild - one of the best solutions is to distance yourself (at least temporarily) from the situation. Go off to lunch or take a walk, but leaving distracting objects such as your phone behind. Spend some time with the most important person which matters to you, yourself.

At one point or another, we all have that day in the office where we get close to our breaking point. That’s okay. But be ready for it: Have a few tactics that you know work to calm you back down, and keep your professionalism (not to mention your cubicle) intact, no matter how bad it seems in the moment.

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