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At Dhaka airport, don't litter and you get a discount

  • Published at 10:49 pm October 23rd, 2017
  • Last updated at 11:33 pm October 23rd, 2017
At Dhaka airport, don't litter and you get a discount
It looks like Shahjalal International Airport has undergone a dramatic change. Where have all the throwaway pieces like coffee cups gone? A frequenter may become confused and check twice if he is in the right place. The floor looks to have been rid of the waste, which is not a common sight to come across at the airport. Or, are the coffee counters closed? Not at all. There are people moving around with the coffee cups. And surprisingly, they are returning the disposable glasses to the counter. What else they are expected to do when it is going to cost them Tk 5 for failing to return a cup after use? It is an outcome of a unique policy, levied on the customers by the Dhaka Airport Magistrate Court. A used coffee cup worth Tk 5! This is a trick. The project can be called “Give The Waste,Take The Money,” the court's executive magistrate Muhammad Yousuf said explaining the initiative on a Facebook post. The regular price of one cup of coffee at the airport is Tk 30. But the cashiers at the counter tell the customer the coffee would cost Tk 35 and Tk 5 is returned in exchange of the coffee cup afte use. The trick has worked well so far. They are returning the coffee cups. And the cashiers are generous too. They do not bother making the customer pay Tk 35 before serving them the coffee. The same policy has been imposed on the sale of other disposable food and beverages containers. The shopkeepers are the ones who are at the forefront of this initiative. Surely, they do not want to count the losses. They are going to pay for it if the disposable items mess up the floor again. The cleaners are going to scavenge promptly if there is any because, under the new policy, they can put the scavenged throwaways on the counter and demand Tk5 for each item.