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Cobra vs python: When fangs meet maw

  • Published at 05:04 pm February 3rd, 2018
A deadly battle between two fierce reptile ended with a twist. The gruesome fight went viral that baffled people with the rare encounter between a king cobra and a python. The vicious fight left the king cobra strangled to death, bitten on the head, and defeated by the python which did not survive the battle as well. Even though neither of them survived, their fight remains immortal because of the Facebook post. Coleman Sheehy, from the Florida Museum of Natural History, said the instance is nothing extraordinary as it is usual for big snakes to feed on others which can ultimately kill them. He added that the deadly clash may have occurred somewhere in Southeast Asia, where the two snake species overlap. Seeing the photo of the battle, questions may rise about it being photoshopped. According to National Geographic, Frank Burbrink of the American Museum of Natural History dismissed that view. He said the encounter is a "weird" one, notwithstanding there are many things that happen with snakes that are hardly known or seen. According to Burbrink, the passionate fight between the serpents can be either a case of natural domination or it might be staged by the people who wanted to see the snakes fight.