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Birth in the time of flood

  • Published at 02:35 am August 4th, 2016
  • Last updated at 02:40 am August 4th, 2016
Birth in the time  of flood
But 30-year-old Taramoni could not leave her house. All odds seemed to be stacked against her. She was pregnant with her fourth child, her house was submerged half in water, and there was no medical help in sight. Taramoni was already in the final stage of her pregnancy when the water level began to rise around her house at an alarming rate. But in her physical state, it was impossible for Taramoni to join others and seek safety on higher grounds. So she stayed and waited with her husband for the baby to arrive. When Taramoni eventually felt she was going into labour, she desperately started phoning the local health worker who had been caring for her before. But no one answered. So after staying stuck in a half-submerged home for a week, on July 28, Taramoni gave unassisted birth to a healthy baby. When the Dhaka Tribune met Taramoni in her home, the child was already five days old. But during that time, Taramoni had no access to any sort of medication or health service. In the flooded village, it was also difficult for her to get the proper amount of food needed for a new mother. Taramoni’s husband Kartik, a fisherman, was unable to do anything as his livelihood was put on pause during the flood. Once every day, Taramoni’s mother Delo Bala was steering a boat from the nearby flood shelter to bring whatever food she could find to her daughter. Villagers of Majhipara have stayed in the school for 10 days and only received one round of relief in the form of rice, Delo Bala said, adding that such little aid was not enough. But despite the struggle and hardship, Taramoni counts her blessings as she looks at the face of her child.