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Menon: ‘The less said about Bangladesh Biman, the better’

  • Published at 04:21 pm June 21st, 2017
Menon: ‘The less said about Bangladesh Biman, the better’
The fewer words spoken about Bangladesh Biman, the better, said Civil Aviation and Tourism minister Rashed Khan Menon in a parliament session held over the proposed budget on Wednesday, June 21. He mentioned, “Bangladesh Biman was turned into a public limited company under the caretaker government. Accountability or manpower- both of these are missing from it. Because of these reasons, we have been receiving a lot of complaints about Biman in the parliament.” Talking about the steps taken to reconstruct Biman, Menon said, “Steps have been taken to improve the quality of Biman. The government has already declared the services of Biman as essentials. A committee has been procured from the ministry, whose job is to propose the reconstruction plans to the government. Later, a final decision will be made. New aircrafts have also been added to the existing numbers. However, there have been complaints about them too.”
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His comments came in the wake of Biman dismissing all domestic flights on Tuesday, June 20, because of engine failures on the principal planes used by Biman for domestic flights. It marks but one incident in a long history of mismanagement and errors committed by Biman. Only last year in November, while carrying a high-level delegation including Prime Minister Sheikha Hasina to Budapest, a Biman flight had to make an emergency landing in the Turkmenistan capital of Ashgabat because of mid-air technological issues. On December 2016, a flight from Oman to Chittagong was forced to make an emergency landing at Shahjalal International Airport as one of its rear left wheels burst after taking off.
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Other than technological setbacks, Bangladesh Biman has also faced a series of mismanagement. A staff was caught by the police while stealing from a luggage at the airport on September 2016, while on February 2017, a passenger posted a video of being served a bowl of salad containing a caterpillar by the Biman staff. The airlines has suffered a loss of at least Tk57cr up to February 2017 after the British government put a ban on direct cargo shipments from Dhaka to London in March 2016. The UK government followed the example of the Australian government who declared a similar ban in December 2015.