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Iva's story

  • Published at 07:38 pm December 4th, 2017
  • Last updated at 08:45 pm December 4th, 2017
Iva's story
Iva is the second girl child in the whole clan. Her family was so delighted at her birth that they distributed sweets among the whole villagers. She was adored by her uncles and the other family members. They live in a joint family in Chouras colony, Kustia, a small village far from the town. Her father is a driver by profession and her mother is a housewife. The 10-year-old girl has been diagnosed as a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder. She is restless and speaks unclearly. She listens to heavy metal rock music often on high volume and keeps dancing and dancing. Her parents first became worried when she could not learn to walk even at the age of five. She also had speech disability and she was not responsive to stimuli. The villagers suggested they make a wish at a local temple in front of their house. Despite being a Muslim, her mother went to that Hindu temple for the sake of her little girl and made a vow that, if her child could walk, she would donate milk and sweets to that temple. [caption id="attachment_231966" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Iva dances to metal music as her sister studies[/caption] Finally, Iva learned to walk at the age of six, but she rarely talked or played with the other children around. Then her parents took her to the capital Dhaka for better treatment. After necessary screening and diagnosis the doctors concluded that she is different than other children of her age; she is special. All the family members became worried, they did know what to do next. They were a lower middle class family and were not very educated. They felt miserable for being so helpless; they saw that their child could not understand anything at the age of six, was so restless that she could not stay in one place for a minute and everybody in the neighbourhood were calling her mad. They went to several doctors and tried different medicines, but nothing helped. One year ago, an acquaintance told them that there is a school for special children in Kushtia town. They went to that school one day and admitted her there. The changes that began to happen in Iva were astounding to the family. Before going to the school, she could not feed herself, clothe herself or use the bathroom without help. Within a year she has started to attempt all these tasks by herself. The reality is that she cannot do those tasks properly every time, but for the family the effort itself is a tremendous improvement that they had never hoped for. Perhaps they don’t know that this miracle has already happened to many other special children. Iva had suffered bitter experiences from people around her and lost trust in them and grew afraid of outsiders. However, the special school changed her outlook. Now she wants to play with other children, likes her school and teachers very much. She loves red colour and asks for red dresses whenever she goes shopping with her mother. She likes to use cosmetics and make up. [caption id="attachment_231967" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Iva and her mother[/caption] All the family members are very loving towards Iva. They are only two sisters and Iva is younger. Her elder sister reads in class nine and she wants to be a journalist in future. She knows that one day she will have to take care of Iva. Therefore, she is preparing herself to be able enough to do so. Her mother firmly believes that what God decided for her and her child was for a good reason. She rears some ducks and hens to bear the medical and other expenses of Iva. She tries her best to fulfil all her needs. She never wants to hurt Iva in any way. The family firmly believes that almighty God has sent an angel to their house and so they cannot mistreat her in any way.