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Cabinet secretary: Govt is yet to give directives on the quota reform issue

  • Published at 04:40 pm May 7th, 2018
  • Last updated at 11:39 pm July 1st, 2018
Cabinet secretary: Govt is yet to give directives on the quota reform issue
Cabinet Secretary Md Shafiul Alam has said he is yet to receive any directives from the prime minister on the quote reform issue. He added that to date no progress has been made on the issue. Shafiul conveyed this information in a press briefing held after the cabinet meeting in the Secretariat on Monday. While replying to journalists' questions, Shafiul said: "We have not received any guidelines from the prime minister. As a result, there has been no progress on the quota reform movement either. However, the Ministry of Public Administration will decide who will remain in the committee that will be formed under the cabinet secretary for dealing with the issue." He added: "We are hopeful that we will receive directives in a very short time." Previously on April 11, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina declared in the parliamentary session that the quota system would be abolished completely. On April 8, thousands of students and job seekers held protests in the Shahbagh and Dhaka University areas as they came together to protest the current 56% quota reserved for selected groups in the government recruitment tests. Over 50 students were injured after a violent clash occurred between the police and the protestors. Later, universities all across the country showed their solidarity by participating in the movement. On the night of April 8, while students and job seekers were conducting the protests in Shahbagh and DU areas, a group of people attacked the DU residence of the Vice Chancellor (VC) and vandalized the property. Due to the tension created by the attack on the VC residence and the police attack on students, the government was forced to come to terms with the protestors. Later, the prime minister announced the abolishment of the quota system in a parliamentary session.