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The search for ‘Masud Rana’ begins

  • Published at 08:51 pm August 19th, 2018
Masud Rana Film Series Poster by Jaaz Multimedia

A talent hunt show kicks off to find the man who will play the daredevil spy on the silver screen

Channel i and Jaaz Multimedia have jointly launched a talent hunt show to find the man who will have to face the gigantic task of bringing “Masud Rana,” the fictional superspy of Bangladesh, to life from the pages of one of the most famous series of paperbacks.

The official promo of the reality show – titled "Men's Fair & Lovely Channel i Hero - Ke Hobe Masud Rana?" – was jointly released on the Facebook pages of Jaaz Multimedia and Men's Fair & Lovely on Friday.

The show’s winner will play the lead role in three films that will be adapted from the popular Bangladeshi spy thriller novel series “Masud Rana,” written by Qazi Anwar Hussain and published by Sheba Prokashoni.

Interested individuals will have to go to Men's Fair & Lovely website and register for this talent hunt. The application deadline is September 15.

Many generations of Bangladeshis grew up reading this popular series, which was launched by Sheba Prokashoni in 1966.

“Bishmaron,” made by actor-filmmaker-producer Masud Parvez, was the first movie adapted from the series in 1974. But after that no further adaptation reached the silver screen till now as the author, Qazi Anwar Hussain, was reluctant to give the movie rights to anyone else.

However, with his blessing, Jaaz Multimedia will make three films based on the first three books of the series over the next five years, the company’s owner Abdul Aziz confirmed last month.

The books from which the films will be adapted are “Dhongsho-Pahar,” “Bharatanatyam,” and “Shwarnomriga.”

Apart from the talent hunt show looking for the lead actor, the production company has already started their search for the actors for other major roles.

It is yet to be known how many famous characters from the series will make it to the films alongside Masud Rana, a former army major and an ageless espionage agent.