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Bangladesh rejects Amit Shah’s remarks on religious minorities

  • Published at 10:51 pm December 10th, 2019
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BJP President Amit Shah Collected

The government will study the matter before taking it up with India, Foreign Minister Abdul Momen said

Bangladesh has outright rejected Indian Home Minister Amit Shah’s remarks on the condition of religious minorities in the country.

The Indian minister, during a debate on their controversial Citizenship Amendment Bill at the Lok Sobha on Monday night, said Hindus, a religious minority in Bangladesh, had “found it impossible” to undertake their religious activities in the country.

Speaking to Dhaka Tribune on Tuesday night, Foreign Minister Dr AK Abdul Momen said: “What they are saying in regards to torture on Hindus is unwarranted as well as untrue.

“There are a very few countries in the world where communal harmony is as good as in Bangladesh. We have no minorities. We are all equal. If he [Amit Shah] stayed in Bangladesh for a few months, he would see the exemplary communal harmony in our country,” he added. 

“They have many problems within their country. Let them fight among themselves. That does not bother us. As a friendly country, we hope that India will not do something that affects our friendly relationship,” the foreign minister further said.

“This matter has just come to our attention. We will study it minutely, and afterwards we will take this matter up with them,” Momen added.