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Feminists Across Generation places 10-point demand against gender-based violence

  • Published at 04:59 pm October 15th, 2020
Feminists Across Generation
Feminists Across Generation placed 10-point demand against gender based violence in a press conference at Naripokkho office in Dhaka on October 15, 2020 Dhaka Tribune

They claimed that the death penalty for rape will not play any role to reduce rape in society

Feminists Across Generation, an anti-gender based violence movement, has placed a 10-point demand to take action and eliminate gender-based violence.

They placed the demands in a press conference at Naripokkho office in Dhaka on Thursday.

They also claimed that the death penalty for rape will not play any role to reduce rape in society. It might even bring negative results in some cases. 

Death penalty for rape is a stance

Shireen Huq, a feminist and human right defender, said that there is no evidence that death penalty can reduce rape.

"Government hastened to circulate ordinance by approving death sentence for rape crime. It is a government’s stance to slow down the ongoing protest movements against rape,” she added.

Shireen also said: "No research or evidence showed that death penalty can reduce rape."

"Due to this ordinance, rape survivours will be discouraged by their family to file a case when perpetrators are close relatives. Meanwhile, perpetrators might also kill the victim after raping as both rape and murder have the same sentence," she added.

Advocate Kamrunnahar presented the key note. She said: "We do not support death penalty for the crime of rape.”

10-point demand

1. They demanded an end to all gender-based violence including rape, dowry violence, domestic violence, intimate partner violence, acid violence, violence against domestic worker, fatwa and shalish, by private and state actors

2. Zero tolerance for victim blaming at all level of society (structural, institutional, societal and individual)

3. Families should hold their boys and men accountable for any and all violence they perpetrate

4. Rapists will no longer be sheltered in our homes, schools, and workplaces

5. Right to occupy all public spaces without fear of violence, at any time and for any purpose

6. Rejection of the idea that women’s body hold their and their family's honor

7. Comprehensive sex education, including consent, is made mandatory in all school curricula

8. Swift action to be taken against all those weaponizing cyber tools to commit violence against women

9. Existing rape laws should be reformed to recognize and criminalize marital rape, irrespective of the age of the victim who is subjected to rape by their spouse.

10. Urgent and immediate adoption of 10 -point demand issued by the Rape Law Reform Coalition, including redefining rape to ensure that it covers all forms of non-consensual penetration, irrespective of gender. 

Evidence Act 1872 should be reviewed to remove all scope of institutional victim blaming. Protection and access to justice without discrimination for all rape survivors or victims should be ensured. 

Moreover, sensitization training should also be conducted for police, lawyers, judges and social workers so rape survivors are treated with respect and responsiveness during reporting, investigation and prosecution.

On October 10, the alliance hosted one of the biggest demonstrations in Dhaka city with around 500 protesters in front of the Parliament. Feminists Across Generations has declared gender-based violence a national emergency.